ENG-663: Teaching Practicum in Creative Writing

12 credit hours
The Teaching Practicum in Creative Writing serves MFA students (or graduates of MFA programs) who wish to pursue a specialization in the teaching of creative writing. The practicum student is assigned a mentor who supervises the independent study. ENG663 students are responsible for arranging a teaching practicum during which they teach students in creative writing. These classes may take place in formal university settings or may be convened in community settings. In addition to the teaching, students read and write widely on creative writing pedagogy and develop a syllabus and course management strategies. Students submit midsession and end-of- independent-study evaluations. This course may be taken only once. ENG 663 does not substitute for ENG 613, ENG 623, ENG 633, or ENG 643.

Prerequisite courses:ENG-662 and permission of Program Director or Associate Program Director.