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Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

The School of Liberal Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences comprised of Anthropology/Sociology, History, and Psychology. While the focus of the degree is on the integration of these disciplines, it is possible to accumulate sufficient semester hours in any one of them to be eligible for admission to graduate school. Students take at least four courses in each discipline as well as four interdisciplinary seminars and an internship.

Committed to the interconnectedness of disciplinary areas and methods; a global approach to the study of cultures and societies; conceptual, methodological and problem solving abilities; research skills; and adaptability, flexibility, and creativity, the faculty of the Social Sciences degree provide leadership and direction to students interested in a liberal education.

A degree in the Social Sciences trains the mind for self-assurance, adaptability, and problem solving to meet the needs of the times. Fundamental assumptions of the faculty in the Social Sciences include an emphasis on breadth and depth of reading and on critical thinking for social change. The aim of this degree is to understand ourselves so we may understand and explore the world in diverse yet complementary ways.

The value of the degree is reflected in the University's mission to exercise leadership in applying learning to the fundamental needs of human life, and especially to the promotion of peace and justice, in whatever professional or social context students may find themselves. Faculty in the Social Sciences are committed both to their own specific discipline and to the integration of disciplines. Each member of the faculty serves as an advisor to help students successfully complete their degree program and accomplish their career goals, and each member participates in the teaching of SS 101 and SS 451.

Students may declare the major at any time. Formal admission to the major occurs after students complete 32 hours of college level course work.

All University Studies requirements must be met with a total of 120 semester hours required for graduation. One-third of the 120 hours must be upper division courses. For the Social Sciences major, 51 semester hours are required, including SS 101, SS 201, SS 300, SS 451, an internship, and specific support courses. At least one-half of the semester hours applied to the major must be upper division courses. For the Social Sciences minor, 21 semester hours are required, including SS 101 and two upper division courses in each of the following: Sociology/Anthropology, History, and Psychology.

In the senior year, students enroll in SS 451: Integrative Research for which, among other projects, they complete a significant research project reviewed by all faulty in the School of Liberal Studies.

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Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences