Illustration I | Spalding University Catalog

KSAI-205: Illustration I

3 credit hours

Illustrators must be dedicated to two undertakings: communication of concepts put forth by the material they illustrate, and self-fulfillment in the enjoyment of their work. This course is a survey regarding the concepts, techniques, and methodology of illustration. Students will work with a variety of methods and materials to examine a range of illustration genres, from traditional to experimental. Additionally, students will gain an awareness of the various professional paths an illustrator may take. This class touches on the complexity of client-based work which requires artists to create within the set parameters of a specific project and respond to feedback, all the while incorporating their own artistic vision.

Prerequisite courses:KSA-101 KSA-111 KSA-120 KSA-130 KSA-141 or consent of the instructor