Graduate Nursing Option: Bridge Program for RN - Second Degree Program

Registered nurses with a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than nursing may apply to the Graduate Nursing Program. Applicants should contact the School of Nursing for application to this program. Once conditionally admitted into the program, the student completes NURS 508, Clinical Practice Transitions. A grade of B or better must be attained in this course to progress into the Graduate Nursing Program. The course may be repeated once. If a grade of B or better is not attained after the second attempt, the student is not able to matriculate into the Graduate Nursing Program.

A portfolio to demonstrate nursing competencies is completed in NURS 508. The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate that the conditionally admitted student has mastered the same material as a graduate from Spalding University's Undergraduate Nursing Program. Proficiency is demonstrated through one's clinical background, previous formal learning, and life experiences. Guidelines for the portfolio are available from the director of the graduate program. Applicants can initiate portfolio development independently prior enrolling in NURS 508. However, the portfolio is not evaluated until the applicant is enrolled in NURS 508.

Upon successful completion of NURS 508, students may select the Nurse Educator or Nurse Practitioner track.

Program Sheets
Master of Science in Nursing: RN to MSN Bridge: Nurse Educator
Master of Science in Nursing: RN to MSN Bridge: Nursing & Healthcare Leadership