Registration for the FLEX

Students register for classes with the advice and approval of an academic advisor. Undergraduate students may register for no more than 8 credit hours per 6-week session and no more than 18 credit hours per Fall (Sessions 1-3) or Spring (Sessions 4-6) term without the written approval of the Provost. Students can take 19 hours in the Fall or Spring term, provided that one of those hours is for a lab or US 100. The course load for session 7 is limited to no more than 8 credit hours.

In order to register for classes, a student must contact his or her academic advisor. A student should make an appointment with his or her academic advisor to discuss and select classes. The student is responsible for contacting the advisor, discussing course selection, and registering for classes via WebAdvisor.

There is a deadline for enrolling in FLEX classes. For hybrid classes, students must be registered no later than two days prior to the scheduled first class. Students must be registered by 11:59 p.m. EST on the first Tuesday of the session for online classes. Because of the accelerated format of FLEX classes and the fact that students must complete a pre-assignment for each class, students are encouraged to register early to ensure sufficient time to complete the pre-assignment.

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