The grade of "I" (incomplete) should be given only in cases of real emergency. The grade of "I" should not be awarded to a student who is failing a class and simply needs more time to complete his or her work. A request for an Incomplete should be initiated by the student and the instructor must contract with the student, in writing, the date by which all work must be submitted (no longer than 90 days from the last day of class). The instructor is responsible for following up with the student to ensure that a final grade is submitted at the time that the Incomplete contract expires. To assign an "I," instructors should:

  1. Use the link to "Request Incomplete Contract" through WebAdvisor. Submission of this request will notify the student and Registrar's Office of the Incomplete.
  2. Finish the process by using the link to "Request Grade Change" through WebAdvisor, when the student's work has been completed. Submission of this request will notify the Registrar's Office to post the final grade. If a student's work is not completed within the 90-day time limit, the "I" will automatically change to an "F."

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