AAP Enrollment and Credit Hour Policies

Please see the Undergraduate Academic policy on Course Registration.

There are seven sessions per academic year. Students carrying 12 credit hours per term are classified as full-time. A term is classified as either Fall (Sessions 1-3); Spring (Sessions 4-6); and Summer (Session 7). AAP students are advised to carefully weigh job, family, and other life obligations before committing to the heavy time investment required for a full-time class load. Some students may prefer to begin with one course per session until they develop a rhythm of study.

In addition to spending 4 hours in class each week, a student should expect to receive an edditional four hours of out-of-class instruction each week, usually delivered via Moodle, and should also expect to dedicate a minimum of 10-15 hours per week per AAP class to completing such homework as reading and studying, conducting research, participating in group work, and completing assignments. Students may expect the same degree of rigor in an online class as they would expect in a hybrid or face-to-face class.

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