Digital Photography I | Spalding University Catalog

KSAM-205: Digital Photography I

3 credit hours

This course is an intensive introduction to digital camera operation, image exposure, negative / flatbed scanning, processing workflow, 'non-destructive' image processing, image manipulation, and inkjet printing. Adobe Photoshop and other image processing platforms will be used as conduits for visual expression throughout the semester. Students awareness of the fundamental elements of tone, texture, light and form through digital practices will be explored. This studio course will additionally include slide lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. Students will be introduced to the photographic medium and its history. Focus is on the context of digital imaging as it relates to contemporary practice. Taking KSAM-210 Darkroom Photography I before this course is recommended, but not required. Knowledge of the Macintosh work platform is necessary.

Prerequisite courses: KSA-140