Self-Publishing and Production | Spalding University Catalog

KSAG-381: Self-Publishing and Production

3 credit hours

This course is specifically designed for students who want to learn to create personal and promotional books and pieces to enhance their brand. Students will embrace their narrative skills; personal writing and editing skills are encouraged in the content of the pieces. This course will include practices such as mini comics and zines, silkscreening on different surfaces, and exploring editioning through various media. We will study the history of self­ publication in graphic design and the arts as inspiration for students to make things that can be distributed or sold through various online and physical channels. Students will gain professional practice within the online self­ marketing world and internet-based storefronts.

Prerequisite courses:KSA-101 KSA-111 KSA-120 KSA-130 KSA-141 or consent of the instructor