Microart: Intricate Pattern and Obsession | Spalding University Catalog

KSAP-382: Microart: Intricate Pattern and Obsession

3 credit hours
From electron microscope imagery to map-making and cross-cultural pattern making, this course will allow those students who are detail-oriented to explore this venue for their own production of art. Creation of patterns or imagery and their conceptual underpinnings will be the subject of this course through various media and disciplines. The history of pattern-making and “microart” and its cultural meaning will be integrated throughout the course while contemporary practices of artists including Vija Celmins, Ding Yi, James Sienna, and Tim Hawkinson will be discussed. Students will gather subject, material and motif central to their own interest and conceptual development.

Prerequisite courses:KSA-101 KSA-111 KSA-120 KSA-130 KSA-141 or consent of the instructor