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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Program Overview

To find success as a writer, you need two things: time to write and to belong to a community of writers. The Spalding University Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program offers students both. Students’ primary focus within the program will be producing writing across multiple genres and developing their literary citizenship. Students will gain perspectives on various publishing techniques and methods of publishing, writing cultures, elements of community building, and the local literary community and beyond. This interdisciplinary major is housed within the School of Liberal Studies to provide students with a well-rounded education, that also exposes them to culture, history and art that will inspire their craft.

A BFA degree in Creative Writing develops an advanced level of competence in the use of language and the exercise of the creative
intellect, providing a basis for a variety of career options and professional choices. Each member of the English faculty serves as an advisor to help students successfully complete their degree program and accomplish their career goals.

Students may declare the Creative Writing major at any time. Formal admission to the major occurs after students complete CW221
(Introduction to Creative Writing).

The BFA in Creative Writing requires students to complete 120 credit hours
— 52 hours of University Studies, 17 hours of electives, and 51 hours to
serve their major, as follows:
● 18 hours in creative writing workshops
● 15 hours in literature and linguistics
● 18 hours in Senior Seminar, Internship, Practicums, Leadership, &
Special Topics

One half of the 51 credit hours must be upper division courses. In addition, students must take one-half of the credit hours required for the major at Spalding University.

Literary Citizenship in Creative Writing Minor
Students who pursue the Literary Citizenship in Creative Writing minor will explore and articulate how to publish their written work, build a community and create a brand around their writing, interact as a writer within a community of writers, critically examine the role of writers in our society and explore what it means to be a writer and how to make their voices heard. Through this interdisciplinary minor, students will gain perspectives on various publishing techniques, writing cultures, methods of publishing, and elements of community building.

Students will complete six classes (18 hours) in the BFA in Creative Writing program:

● CW221 Intro to Creative Writing
● CW385 Special Topics in Creative Writing
● CW326 Online & Print Publishing
● ENG225 Emerging Genres
● CW400 Leadership in the Arts
● Practicum 1 of 2:
○ Writing Center Consultant ENG250
○ Literary Mag ENG260

These courses do not count as University Studies but are above and beyond the courses needed to fulfill general education requirements in the major program.

In the final semester of their senior year, students enroll in CW450, the Senior Seminar, for which they will complete a final creative project:
● 30-page collection of poems, short stories, personal essays, short
play or excerpt of longer work.
● One shorter work intended for submission to publications.
● An essay reflecting on their growth as a writer and their plan for their
writing life following graduation.

Students will also be presented with the opportunity to read a portion of their work either at an all-school event or at a community reading organized by the Creative Writing BFA Director or their creative writing peers.

Course Descriptions
Ten courses in the program carry the CW designation. All other courses specific to the BFA degree come from English studies.

Program Sheet
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing