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Bachelor of Science in Biology

Program Description
The Bachelor of Science in Biology emphasizes biological principles through courses in cellular, organismal, and ecological studies. A Biology major prepares students for entry-level work in government and laboratories. Students are also prepared to continue their education in graduate or professional schools.

For admission to the major, students must meet the general university requirements and declare the major.

For the major in Biology program, a minimum of 59 semester hours is required, including BIO 121-122,123-124, 150, 349 or 495, 369, and 447. Also required are CHEM 211-212, 221-222, 301-302, 311-312; MATH 120, 231, 253; PHYS 311-312, 321-322; and additional hours in biology electives as indicated on the program sheet. A grade of C or higher is required in all major courses.

Biology Minor
A minor in Biology requires 18 credit hours in BIO courses with the additional support courses Math 113 College Algebra and Chem 211 General Chemistry I. The following degrees are ineligible for a Biology minor:
Biology, Natural Science, and Health Science pre-Physical Therapy.
Biology Minor core courses (11 hours)
BIO 121 Intro to Biology (3)
BIO 123 Intro to Biology lab (1)
BIO 122 Organismal Biology (3)
BIO 124 Organismal Biology lab (1)
BIO 369 Genetics (3)
Biology Minor elective courses (minimum 7 hours)
Any Biology course 200 or above must include at least one lab course

Program Sheets
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Biology Minor

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