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Undergraduate Grades

In addition to the material in this section, please see the Pass/Fail Policy

A (4 quality points) indicates work of excellent quality: a superior grasp of the content of the course, initiative in doing work considerably beyond ordinary assignments, originality in attacking problems, and ability to relate the knowledge of the course to other knowledge.

B (3 quality points) indicates work of high quality: a very good grasp of content, initiative in doing some work beyond the ordinary assignments, and above-average ability to apply principles intelligently.

C (2 quality points) indicates work of acceptable quality: a grasp of the essentials of the course, the satisfactory completion of work assigned, and an average ability to see relationships and to make applications.

D (1 quality point) indicates grasp of only the minimum essentials of a course: passing, but indicates work that is not satisfactory at the college level.

F (0 quality points) indicates failure to master the minimum essentials of the course or failure to follow official procedure for withdrawal from class.

W indicates approved withdrawal from class, in accordance with published university policies. See the University's Withdrawal Policy for more information.

I indicates that a student's achievement in the course has been satisfactory but, for some good reason, the work is incomplete and permission has been given to complete the work within a given period (not to exceed 90 days). A contract between the student and the faculty member, stipulating the work to be completed and the date on which the work must be completed, must be filed with the registrar. If the work is not completed within the time stipulated, a grade of F is recorded. Students should note that the grade of I is given only in cases of emergency and not as a matter of convenience to the student. Any extension of the three-month period for course work completion requires the written approval of the Provost.

X indicates course work that has not been completed because of the nature of the study. Only academic courses that have an internship or practica as the primary course content are eligible for this category. If the work is not completed within 12 months of the initial assignment of the X grade, a grade of F is recorded. Any extension of the 12-month period for course work completion requires the written approval of the Provost.

AU indicates that the student has audited the course. Audited courses carry no grade, have no earned credit hours, and do not count in the student's GPA.

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