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Pass/Fail Policy

(12 credit hour limit)

The purpose of the pass/fail option is to permit qualified students the opportunity to explore areas of interest outside their major fields, in elective courses, without endangering their academic standing. Undergraduate students who are in good academic standing (not on probation) and who have completed at least 64 credit hours may take no more than one course per term/session on a pass/fail basis. No more than 12 credit hours shall be taken on a pass/fail basis in a baccalaureate program. The student must complete the required permission form for the pass/fail option, obtain his or her advisor's signature, and file the form with the registrar at the time of registration.

Excluded from the pass/fail option are:

  • Courses in the major or minor field
  • Prerequisites and/or required courses
  • Courses taken to fulfill the University Studies component

Certain practica or internship experiences that are required in a major and normally graded on a pass/fail basis shall not be included in the 12 credit hour limitation.

A grade of Pass shall be granted for work equivalent to a D or above in the regular grading system. A grade of Fail shall be granted for work equivalent to an F in the regular grading system.

Instructors will not be officially notified of those registering for the pass/fail option. The instructor's regular grade (A, B, C, D, F) will be converted to Pass or Fail by the registrar before the grades are recorded for the particular term. Once a grade of Pass or Fail is listed, it cannot be changed at a later date.

A grade of Pass does not enter into the calculation of the point standing but does earn the designated number of credit hours. A grade of Fail does enter into the calculation of the point standing and is treated as equivalent to an F for purposes of GPA calculation.

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