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Graduation Requirements for the Associate's Degree

For graduation, a student must meet the following requirements:

Quantitative Requirements - A minimum of 60 credit hours of course work, including the University Studies requirements and the prescribed courses for the major, are required for an associate's degree.

Qualitative Requirements - The candidate for the associate's degree must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 in the total course work and in the major. For all students entering Spalding University on July 1, 2007, or later, all completed courses in the major must have a grade of C or higher.

Degree Audit - Applications for graduation must be submitted online through WebAdvisor at least two months prior to the anticipated conferral date. Timely scheduling of the application for graduation is the responsibility of the student.

Residence - At least one year in residence (one year of attendance) at Spalding University is required of all candidates for a degree.

Transfer Students - To graduate, a transfer student must have successfully completed at least one-half of the credit hours required in the major field(s) and, if applicable, the minor field(s) at Spalding University. Spalding University awards degrees only to those students who have earned at least 25% of the credit hours required for the degree through instruction offered by Spalding University. For associate degrees requiring 60 hours, the minimum amount of hours that must be completed at Spalding is 15.

In order to graduate, the student must have final grades posted in all previously taken classes. A student cannot graduate with an X grade or an I grade still posted on the transcript. Students cannot graduate with missing grades for any previously taken classes. Once all final grades have been submitted to the Registrar and have been posted on the student's transcript, then the degree will be posted.

A student is expected to complete the degree requirements set forth in a particular version of the university catalog. Normally, this will be the catalog in effect at the time the student is admitted to the major or degree program in which the degree will be earned. For the student who changes a major or degree program, the catalog in effect when the student is admitted to the new major or degree program will be applicable. Only with the specific approval of the academic program director, chair, associate dean, or dean may a different catalog be selected. Any student who is not enrolled for a period of twelve (12) months or greater will be subject to the degree and program requirements at the time of readmission.

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