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Classification of Undergraduate Students

Traditional daytime undergraduate students and FLEX Program students are classified as follows:

  • Full-Time - Students who carry 12 or more credit hours over each 18-week academic term. An academic term consists of three 6-week sessions determined as Fall Term (Sessions 1, 2, and 3) and Spring Term (Sessions 4, 5, and 6).
  • Part-Time - Students who carry fewer than 12 credit hours over each 18-week academic term.
  • Non-Degree - Students who already hold a degree and are taking further undergraduate work, and/or students who have fulfilled admissions requirements but are not pursuing a degree.
  • Auditing - Students who do not wish to earn academic credit.
  • Visiting - Students who are regularly enrolled in another college or university but taking one course at Spalding University.

Students enrolled in summer programs should consult with the relevant university office concerning full- and part-time status.

Undergraduate student academic classification levels* follow:

  • Freshmen - Students who have completed fewer than 30 credit hours.
  • Sophomores - Students who have completed at least 30, but fewer than 60, credit hours.
  • Juniors - Students who have completed at least 60, but fewer than 90, credit hours.
  • Seniors - Students who have completed at least 90 credit hours.

*Student academic classification levels are based only on official grades and transcripts received and processed by the university registrar.

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