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Master of Education: Instructional Leadership-School Principal: All Grades

Overview of the Program
The Master of Education (M.Ed.) - Instructional Leadership-School Principal Certification Program is designed to support the development of aspiring school leaders interested in acquiring leadership skills for the ever-changing school environment. As a Master’s-level program, participants are prepared in the core knowledge and skills through a sequence of coursework aligned with the College of Education Conceptual Framework, and the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL). This 30-credit hour plus an additional 9 credit hours (Level II) program consists of carefully planned core components intended to educate candidates to develop the knowledge, skills, and responsibility in the service of P-12 students, the school, community, and the profession. Successful completion of the program leads to a principal certification. Applicable state assessment requirements must also be met.

Vision of the Program
Spalding University’s Instructional Leadership-School Principal Certification Program is focused on preparing prospective instructional leaders who will emulate and demonstrate proficiencies in:
• Creating a culture of learning where all children are academically successful.
• Understanding and managing complex educational issues.
• Assessing, improving, and providing quality instructional programs.
• Recruiting, hiring, and retaining school personnel committed to improving student learning.
• Creating a shared strategic vision.
• Encouraging and inspiring students, teachers, staff members, families, and the community to work together to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements
1. Prospective participants are recruited and accepted into the program based on selection criteria established collaboratively between the College of Education faculty and the participant’s local school district.
2. Acceptance consideration is contingent upon specific admission requirements.
3. The application process looks for evidence of commitment to improving urban schools.

Specific Admission Requirements

1. A 2.75 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale;
2. Current Kentucky Teaching Certificate;
3. Three (3) years of full-time teaching experience in a public or non-public school;
4. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution;
5. Two (2) favorable letters of recommendation. One must be from a direct supervisor;
6. An interview with faculty;
7. Completed application packet.

Program Design
Courses are jointly and collaboratively taught by University faculty and local school districts' personnel (Instructional Team). The program’s sequence of coursework provides an in-depth orientation to the role and function of the school principal. The knowledge and skills required for success in a culturally diverse environment are emphasized. All courses are interwoven with corresponding anchored laboratories which provide hands-on and school-based learning. These laboratory experiences are an integral part of the program and offer opportunities for the candidate to a) observe school and district leaders; b) participate in school and district leadership activities; c) and, have access to aggregated school and district information and data. During the field-based experiences, participants are fully engaged in various forms of intentional activities designed to provide school leadership experiences only available in a school context.

The Instructional Leadership-School Principal Certification Program culminates with a summative evaluation in the form of a capstone/thesis providing a systematic study of a school-based problem. Candidates are required to defend the project before a joint-panel of University faculty and school partners. The capstone project is intended to:
• Facilitate critical and reflective thinking about school leadership and the degree to which candidates have learned and engaged in research and data analysis.
• Be a part of the assessment of candidate’s knowledge and performance in relation to the dimensions and functions explicated in the Kentucky Cohesive Leadership System Continuum for Principal Preparation and Development.
• Demonstrate the candidate’s level of mastery of data analysis skills and use from the current school district databases, and data collection as well as primary analysis that clearly demonstrate the candidate’s progression towards meeting the six dimensions and function associated with the Kentucky Cohesive Leadership System Continuum for Principal Preparation and Development.

Program Sheet
Master of Education: Instructional Leadership-School Principal: All Grades

Post-Master's Certificate: Instructional Leadership-School Principal: All Grades (Rank 1)

Certificate Program for Rank I: Instructional Leadership - School Principal - P-12 - Level II