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Spalding Students Visiting Other Institutions

Any Spalding University student who is a full-time undergraduate may take a class as a Metroversity student during Fall and Spring terms. Spalding students can take classes as Metroversity students at one of the following institutions: Bellarmine University, Indiana University Southeast, Jefferson Community College, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of Louisville, or Ivy Tech Community College-Sellersburg. During Fall and Spring terms, full-time undergraduate Spalding students can only take classes at one of these 7 schools as a Metroversity student; they cannot take a class at any of the 7 as a visiting student. To register for classes as a Metroversity student, Spalding students should complete a Metroversity form that is signed by their advisor and the Spalding registrar. The student should then take the completed form to the appropriate Metroversity institution's registrar office for enrollment. Credit hours taken prior to completion of the Metroversity form will not be accepted. Please see Kentuckiana Metroversity for more information.

Spalding students may also take a class through the Acadeum Consortium. Students may take a maximum of 2 classes (or 8 credit hours) per Fall or Spring semester. Students should contact their advisor for more information on this program.

A Spalding University student who wishes to take a course and transfer credits to Spalding from any institution that is not a Metroversity member institution must request a Visiting Student Form from the University registrar. During Session 6 of Spring term or Summer term, Spalding students can only take classes at another institution as visiting students. Credit hours taken prior to completion of the visiting letter will not be accepted.

Because the University considers the requirements for the University Studies component and for the major and (if applicable) the minor to be vital and integral parts of its total educational program, it governs both the number of hours and the type of courses that students, once matriculated, may take for credit under a visiting letter.

For the bachelor's degree, no credits in University Studies or the major or (if applicable) the minor will be accepted in transfer under a visiting letter. A student who initially transfers 0-48 credit hours to Spalding may transfer no more than 12 additional credit hours taken as a visiting student at an accredited institution toward the Spalding baccalaureate degree. Credit hours taken under the terms of this policy must be completed with a letter grade of D or better to be accepted by Spalding University.

Waiver of these conditions will be made only if

  1. The student can show a schedule conflict at Spalding University and/or the student can show that progress toward the degree will be unduly impeded because of the University's schedule, and
  2. The student has secured the approval of the advisor and school chair.

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