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Waitlist Policy

Waitlist Policy

The Waitlist is a tool to help students get a seat in closed classes as enrollment changes. Once a class is closed, students attempting to register for that class will be given the option of placing themselves on the waitlist. Students are responsible for checking their schedules to determine active enrollment in classes.

The Academic Advising Center manages the waitlist, and all communication should be sent to advising@spalding.edu. If a seat opens up in a class, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email at his/her Spalding student email account. Once a student is notified that a seat is available, the student has 24 hours to go into Web Advisor and add him or herself to that class. If no response is received before the deadline, the student will be dropped from the waitlist. Depending upon the class start date and the number of students on the waitlist, the deadline may be extended.

Because enrollment in closed classes can change quickly due to students adjusting their schedules, it is strongly recommended that students monitor class status on WebAdvisor and check their email daily.

Available seats are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, the student who has been on the waitlist the longest will be offered the seat first. On rare occasions, there may be an exception due to degree requirements or other extenuating factors.

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