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Special Programs

The Service-Learning Program at Spalding University is a cooperative venture of academic study and community service through which students can be helpful in a community setting while gaining concrete career skills, work experience, and, possibly, academic credit. Service-Learning is open to any student who wants to participate. Service-Learning projects vary, so students interested in being a part of the program are encouraged to contact the director of community service in the Office of Student Life and Development for full information.

Independent Study
Opportunities for independent study are available for qualified students. The independent study program enables a student to obtain credit for a course of study not available in the scheduled curriculum. Independent study may also be taken to obtain credit for a class that is offered in the normal schedule but wherein extreme circumstances prevent the student from taking the class when offered.

Steps for the independent study approval process:

  1. The student must put in writing why he or she needs to do an independent study.
  2. The student must take the written reason to his or her academic advisor.
  3. If the academic advisor deems the request to be legitimate, he or she will direct the student to contact the dean or chair of the appropriate department.
  4. The dean or chair will approve or deny the request based on the need for an independent study and on the availability and willingness of a faculty member to prepare a syllabus for the course.
  5. If the request is approved, the faculty advisor will complete the independent study form and will send it to the appropriate Dean or Chair for approval. Once approved, the faculty member will send the independent study, with syllabus attached, to the Registrar's Office.
  6. The registrar will add the independent study course to the student's schedule for the session in which it will be completed.

Opportunities for International Study
Spalding University also offers other learning opportunities for students wishing to pursue academic interests in an international setting. The international programs vary from year to year.

Reserve Officers Training Corps
Spalding University students have the opportunity to participate in ROTC programs at the University of Louisville (Army, Air Force) and Indiana University Southeast (Army). Successful completion of the program leads to an officer's commission in the chosen armed service. Interested students should contact the appropriate office at one of the universities and should apply in the term preceding the desired entry date.