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School of Liberal Arts

The faculty of the School of Liberal Arts uphold the mission of Spalding University through their commitment to the following: recognition of the creative and intellectual potential of all students; creation of a vigorous and caring learning environment; and active participation with their students in the promotion of peace and justice through the interdisciplinary study of African American Studies, art, literature, philosophy, religious studies, linguistics, writing, anthropology, history, sociology, and psychology.

Program Overview
The School of Liberal Arts offers a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, and a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree offers students two tracks to complete their degree. Students will select either two or three from the following disciplines to form an interdisciplinary studies degree: African American Studies, communication, creative arts, creative writing, English, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, anthropology, and history.

All degrees offer a focused and integrated curriculum emphasizing the development of critical abilities; an empathic understanding of ethical, social, and cultural issues; an appreciation of art forms as cultural achievements; a capacity to enlarge one's perspective; and creative, original, unconventional thought.

Each academic year students and faculty study a designated theme from the disciplinary perspectives of anthropology, art, communication, history, language, literature, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies with an emphasis on integrating disciplines to create projects highlighting the interrelations among cultural and social practices. Topics in past years include peace and justice, the natural environment, and community and responsibility.

Students may declare a major at any time. Students completing the African American Studies major, the Interdisciplinary Humanities major, the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences major, the Interdisciplinary Studies major, and the Creative Writing major must complete 52 credit hours in University Studies courses. Studio Art majors must complete 49 credit hours in University Studies courses; Communication majors must complete 55 credit hours in University Studies courses. 


African American Studies Minor
Students majoring in Liberal Studies degree programs and students in majors other than Liberal Studies degree programs may minor in African American Studies.

African American Studies Minor (18 total credit hours)
AAS 201
AAS 300
HIST 383
2 electives chosen from: AAS 349, AAS 385, ANTH 315, HIST 330, HIST 384
1 elective chosen from: ENG 310, RS 218, ENG 364, ANTH 305

Literary Citizenship in Creative Writing Minor
Students who pursue the Literary Citizenship in Creative Writing minor will explore and articulate how to publish their written work, build a community and create a brand around their writing, interact as a writer within a community of writers, critically examine the role of writers in our society and explore what it means to be a writer and how to make their voices heard. Through this interdisciplinary minor, students will gain perspectives on various publishing techniques, writing cultures, methods of publishing, and elements of community building.

Students will complete six classes (18 hours) in the BFA in Creative Writing program:
CW221 Intro to Creative Writing
CW385 Special Topics in Creative Writing
CW326 Online & Print Publishing
ENG225 Emerging Genres
CW400 Leadership in the Arts
Practicum 1 of 2: ○ Writing Center Consultant ENG250 ○ Literary Mag ENG260

The Creative Entrepreneurship Minor

The Creative Entrepreneurship minor is available to students majoring in a Liberal Studies degree program. The ability to be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial are vital skills across many fields. The Creative Entrepreneurship interdisciplinary minor exposes students to entrepreneurial thinking skills that can be applied to designing new creative ventures, adding value to existing creative organizations, and developing opportunities for individual creative professionals. 

Environmental Studies Minor
Students in any major may earn an interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Studies through the School of Liberal Studies. By concentrating on the topic of the environment through multiple disciplines, students will come to a better understanding of the complex relationship between humans and the natural world, and gain broad-based and integrated knowledge to work toward better social and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Studies Minor (18 total credit hours)
ENVS 101
4 electives chosen from: ARTH 495, ANTH 200, ANTH 300, ART 388, BA 205, COM 240, ENG 383, PHIL 160, PHSC 102, POLS 201, PSY 321, RS 301

Women’s and Gender Studies Minor
Students in any major may earn an interdisciplinary minor in Women’s and Gender Studies through the School of Liberal Arts. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students will explore how the intersectionality of women’s lives and gender issues historically and contemporarily affect all aspects of society. This minor is appropriate for all students interested in understanding how gender, race, class, and sexualities intersect to construct our political, social, and cultural institutions, and, in turn, shape our individual and collective real-world experiences.


Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

Bachelor of Science in Communication