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Disagreement in Grade Assigned

In instances where a student disagrees with a grade given on an assignment or class, the following procedure will be followed.

Faculty members have the right and obligation to determine student grades in light of the student responsibilities and assignments specified in the course syllabi. If a student disagrees with a grade, the student will engage in the following process prior to initiating a formal appeal procedure.

  1. Within 5 business days of the reception of the grade, the student will raise the matter with the faculty member. This investigation may include, but is not limited to, a review of the course expectations and the use of available resources to analyze the paper or assignment. It is normative that the faculty member and student have a conversation to discuss the student’s differing opinion. If a face to face meeting is not feasible due to schedule or distance, a phone or e-mail conversation will be attempted. All e-mail communication will be directed to the student’s Spalding e-mail address; the Spalding e-mail address is the official address for all communication from Spalding University. (Each attempt should be documented by the faculty member. After the third attempt at contacting the student without response, the process will move forward without this conversation.) If the conversation is held, it is to include:
    1. Student’s perspective
    2. Faculty member’s rationale for grade given
    3. Clarification of possible consequences of grade

    1.1. If the aforementioned conversation is held, within 2 business days of such, the faculty member will write a confirmation that the conversation occurred, with a copy given to the student. If given in person, the student will sign a form confirming the conversation occurred. If the meeting is not in person, an email confirmation of the meeting will be sought. (Refusal of the student to sign does not prevent the progression of the process.) This confirmation will only acknowledge that:

    1. the student and faculty spoke of the concern, and
    2. the student had an opportunity to express her/his perspective

    1.2 If student contact is attempted three times without response, and no conversation with the student can occur, the faculty member will render a decision about the issue based on all other available information.

  2. The faculty member will make a decision and communicate the final grade to the student in writing within 5 business days of the interaction with the student through email or mail.

    NOTE: In instances when a student earns a course grade that prohibits the continuation in a course sequence, the student will not register or attend sequential classes. In instances where the grade results in termination from a program/dismissal from the University, the student will not register or attend any further classes and will be withdrawn from current courses.

  3. Copies of all documentation will be retained on file in the School of the responsible faculty member for three years.

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