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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The School of Professional Psychology offers a flexible, comprehensive, and relevant Bachelor of Arts major in psychology.  Aligned with Spalding University's dedication to "meeting the needs of the times," psychology majors can complete a general degree program or choose unique program tracks according to their personal educational and career goals.  Graduates of the program are prepared to immediately enter the workforce or continue their educatoin through graduate studies.  Students will obtain a broad understanding of human behavior and human diversity through exposure to current psychological science with a focus on applying their knowledge to address individual and social issues.

In addition to the general requirements, admission to the major requires completion of PSY 103 or its equivalent with a minimum grade of C. For the Bachelor of Arts with a major or minor in psychology, the general education requirements must be met. Psychology majors must not use psychology courses to fulfill the Social Sciences component of the University Studies requirement.

For the major, a minimum of 31 semester hours are required, including PSY 103 (Psychological Systems), PSY 202 (Lifespan Development), PSY 204 (Experimental Procedures), PSY 458 (Abnormal Psychology), and PSY 465 (Social Psychology), and PSY 395 (Cross Cultural Psychology), as well as MATH 231 (Statistical Techniques) as a required support course. In support of course work in psychology, majors are also required to take BIO 104 (Human Biology) and SS 305 (Political and Economic Power), and courses in Anthropology, Economics, and Sociology. If a student has a second major, the minimum requirement in psychology is 24 hours and includes all of the specified required courses. Transfer students must take at least half of the specified credit hours for the major at Spalding University. For the minor, 18 semester hours, including PSY 103 and PSY 204 are required. Specialization tracks require additional specified coursework.

Program Sheet
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Organizational Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Pre-Clinical Counseling Psychology
Double Major: Bachelor of Science in Social Work/Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Restorative Justice Minor