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Kentuckiana Metroversity

 Spalding University is a participant in the Kentuckiana Metroversity, an association of seven institutions of higher education in the greater Louisville area. The association is designed to allow member institutions to share in each other's facilities and resources. Students, as well as faculty, can take advantage of Metroversity programs. The University Library participates in Metroversity exchange with other college libraries, allowing students free access to over three million books, periodicals, records, and films. (Note: A fee for borrowers was initiated by the University of Louisville.)

Other members of the Metroversity include the University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Indiana University Southeast, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Jefferson Community College, and Ivy Tech Community College-Sellersburg.

Under the Metroversity visiting student arrangement, a full-time Spalding undergraduate student who needs a particular course not offered at Spalding may take it at another Metroversity college under the following conditions:

  1. Metroversity visiting students (undergraduate) may take a maximum of two courses per semester at participating institutions, provided the combined total of the work at Spalding and the other colleges constitutes at least the requirements for full-time status (12 credit hours).
  2. Courses taken at a Metroversity member institution will be treated as part of the student's normal load at Spalding, and tuition and fees will be paid accordingly.
  3. A student who wishes to take courses as a Metroversity student should obtain the required form from the registrar and follow the procedure indicated on the form.
  4. Metroversity is not available to students during the summer terms.
  5. University of Louisville has announced it will limit spring Metroversity registration based on the number of students using the exchange in fall terms.

In addition, because the University considers the requirements for the University Studies component and for the major to be an integral part of its total education program, no requirements in either category may be satisfied through the Metroversity exchange unless:

  1. The student can show a schedule conflict at Spalding University and/or the student can show that progress toward the degree will be unduly delayed because of the University's schedule, and
  2. The student has secured the approval of the advisor and school chair.

Cross Registration
Metroversity institutions encourage full-time students to enrich their degree programs through the cross registration arrangement. Any eligible full-time student of a Metroversity institution may enroll for up to two courses at another member institution during the fall and/or spring terms. Through the cross registration process, full-time students may not pursue a second degree program or work toward hours on a second degree at a host institution except by special permission of the home and host deans.

Students are responsible for providing justification for courses for degree enrichment. An example of degree enrichment would be a sign language course to enhance a degree program in occupational therapy, psychology, etc. Students should check the eligibility of courses before enrollment.

Cross Registration Policies

  1. Program Operation: The home and host registrars have full control over program operation and student flow. Permission must be obtained from the home and host registrars or their representatives before a full-time student may cross register.
  2. Eligibility: All full-time students in good standing who have earned a minimum of 12 hours at their home institution and maintain a 2.00 GPA at the undergraduate level or a 3.00 GPA at the graduate level may access cross registration. In a given term/semester, a full-time undergraduate student may take two courses (or a maximum of eight hours) through cross registration. A full-time graduate student may take one such course (or a maximum of four hours) per term/semester. Exceptions will be made for students enrolled in the ROTC program.
  3. Terms/Semesters of Operation: The cross registration program is available during the fall and spring term/semesters only. Students wishing to attend a host institution during the summer or other short terms may attend the host institution as a visiting student, paying the full tuition and fees of the host institution.
  4. Course Offerings: Undergraduate courses listed in the fall and spring class schedules for each Metroversity institution are eligible for cross registration, at the discretion of each institution. Some graduate courses may be available at the discretion of the host institution.
  5. Registration: Cross registration will begin one week prior to the first day of class at some institutions. At other institutions, cross registration will begin the first day of class. Registration for courses is on a space-available basis following the guidelines of the host institution. No institution is required to begin new sections to accommodate Metroversity students.
  6. Tuition: 1) Tuition will be assessed to the student at the rate of the student's home institution. 2) Special course fees may be assessed by the host institution and are the responsibility of the student.
  7. Transfer of Credits: The host campus automatically sends official copies of grades to the student's home campus.
  8. Students' Responsibilities: Metroversity students are subject to all policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the host campus.
  9. Parking: A Metroversity parking permit, issued by the host institution at the time of registration, allows the student to park in student lots on host campuses. The Metroversity student is required to follow all parking regulations of the host campus.
  10. Withdrawal Deadlines: A Metroversity student should follow the withdrawal deadlines of the home institution. Withdrawals are processed through the home institution, but students should also officially withdraw from the host institution to protect their academic records.

Cross Registration Procedure

  1. The student should obtain the Metroversity registration form from the registrar at the home institution.
  2. After obtaining the signatures of the academic advisor and the home registrar, the student should take the registration form to the host school's registrar's office for registration.