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Non-Degree Students

A non-degree student is a student who already holds a degree and is taking further undergraduate work and/or a student who is not pursuing a degree. Non-degree students are admitted for up to a total of 12 credit hours. Non-degree student applicants must submit the following in order to enroll:

  1. The completed application with non-refundable application fee of $20;
  2. An official transcript* showing proof of highest degree attained. (Students may be admitted unconditionally to the University as special students, pending receipt of their official transcripts).

* Official transcripts are those sent directly to Spalding from the issuing institution. Any transcript marked "issued to student" or any transcript that is hand delivered by the student is not considered an official transcript. Faxed transcripts are not considered official transcripts.

Declaration of Previous College Attendance: Applicants must declare all previous college attendance. Applicants who fail to disclose previous college attendance on the application for admission and/or who fail to submit transcripts are subject to denial or cancellation of admission or dismissal from the University.

After 12 credit hours have been earned, the student must apply for unconditional admission to the University. Please see above for appropriate application procedures.

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