Mission and Vision Statements | Spalding University Catalog

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement
Spalding University is a diverse community of learners dedicated to meeting the needs of the times in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth through quality undergraduate and graduate liberal and professional studies, grounded in spiritual values, with emphasis on service and the promotion of peace and justice.

Diverse Community of Learners
Spalding University welcomes students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are diverse in age, experience, intellect, race, class, minority status, gender, religion, and culture. Participation within this inclusive learning environment promotes the acceptance and appreciation of the values and unique life experiences of each individual.

Dedicated to Meeting the Needs of the Times
Since 1814 Spalding University has been, and continues to be, a community committed to providing curricula and programs that address evolving needs and to contributing knowledge and understanding derived from teaching, scholarship, and creative activity.

Quality Undergraduate and Graduate Liberal and Professional Studies
Spalding University provides a stimulating educational atmosphere, personal student/faculty interaction, and individual attention to a student's total learning. Throughout the educational experience, students practice habits of mind, or ways of knowing, that transcend disciplines and cultures, and realize habits of heart that relate understanding and judgment of life.

Grounded in Spiritual Values
Rooted in the Catholic tradition, the Spalding University community embraces individuals of all traditions, encouraging them to live from a personal philosophy centered in a value system beyond self.

Service and the Promotion of Peace and Justice
Spalding University serves human needs by challenging, encouraging, and supporting members of its community to exercise leadership in applying their learning to the fundamental needs of human life--physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual--in whatever social or professional context they may find themselves. All are encouraged to recognize moral, social, economic, political, and environmental issues, and to engage actively in the promotion of a just and peaceful world.

Students at Spalding University represent a broad range of ages and come from various academic, social, economic, and national backgrounds. Their interaction with a well-prepared, experienced faculty is marked by mutual concern in a climate where learning is valued.

The manner in which faculty and students engage in the learning process is determined by the character of the particular discipline being pursued and by the knowledge, ability, and creativity of those involved in the pursuit.

Vision Statement
Spalding University aspires to become the first choice for students of compassion and service, distinguished for cultural diversity, celebrated for a rigorous yet nurturing environment, emulated for interdisciplinary collaborations, and acclaimed for contributions to the community.