Graduate Academic Status

An overall average of B (3.00) is required for a graduate degree. The lowest grade for which credit is given in a graduate course is C. In upper division undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit, a graduate student must earn a grade of B or A to receive graduate credit. In addition to the above requirements, students who earn five credits or more in a single graduate course at the grade graduate level of C, will be automatically dismissed from their program and the University, as will students who earn one grade of F in any one course. Students who earn a grade level of C in two graduate courses in a program of study, regardless of the total credit hours, will automatically be dismissed from their program and the University. Individual graduate programs may have more stringent requirements that govern academic status. In those instances, the more stringent criteria apply.

For students in the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program to remain in the program, evaluations of Credit Awarded (AWD) must be received at the end of each semester. If an evaluation of Credit Not Awarded (NOC) is received, one semester may be repeated one time. All tuition and appropriate fees are required. If at the end of the repeated semester the student does not receive Credit Awarded, the student is not allowed to continue in the program. Failure in a second course results in automatic termination. It is the student's responsibility to determine how a Credit Not Awarded evaluation may or may not affect financial aid through student loans.

For information on procedures for student complaints and grievances regarding academic issues, see Professional and Academic Decisions: Student Appeal Procedures.

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