Bachelor of Science in Education | Spalding University Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Education

The College of Education offers undergraduate programs leading to the initial state teaching certificate/license in

  • Elementary education (grades P-5),
  • Middle grades education (grades 5-9),
  • Secondary education (grades 8-12), and
  • Learning and behavior disorders (grades P-12).

Admission to the College of Education

The student must be admitted to Spalding University prior to applying for admission into the College of Education. Admission to the College of Education requires:

  • Passing scores on admission tests designated by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.75 or a grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.0 scale on the last thirty (30) hours of credit
  • Written application for admission to the College of Education after completion of 24 hours (transfer students should schedule an advising session at the earliest possible date to facilitate admission to an education program)
  • Satisfactory recommendations from five persons, three of whom must be university faculty members
  • Demonstrated proficiency, through a written assessment, in the following four (4) areas: (i) Critical thinking; (ii) Communication; (iii) Creativity); and (iv) Collaboration
  • Personal interview
  • Undergraduate transcript
  • Authorization for criminal records check

Professional Dispositions and Behaviors Growth Process
The College of Education has defined the Educator as Leader as a professional who embodies six (6) specific Functional Dimensions which include: (1) Change Agent/Transformational Leader; (2) Knowledgeable Practitioner; (3) Persevering Advocate; (4) Continuous Assessor; (5) Technologically Astute Practitioner; and (6) Responsible Professional. Educator leaders are visionary, ethical, caring, reflective, creative, and knowing and demonstrate these professional dispositions when interacting with students, families, colleagues, and communities. Assessment of Initial Certification and Advanced Program candidates occurs at various points/Gates. As a part of the assessment at each of the Gates, satisfactory demonstration of the professional dispositions referenced above must be demonstrated. The Professional Disposition and Behavior Growth Process allows for assessment, feedback, and monitoring of growth needs on the part of College of Education initial certification and advanced program candidates. This process is independent of other legal or academic processes taking place at Spalding University.

Admission to Co-teaching/Clinical Practice
Admission to co-teaching/clinical practice requires:

  • Written application for admission filed with the Director of Field Experiences one semester before the student teaching experience
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.75 in University Studies courses
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.75 in all education courses and a minimum grade of C in all education courses
  • Completion of all program courses (including removal of incomplete grades) except EDU 441 and 447 or approval for one course from the Dean of the College of Education
  • Recommendation by the appropriate Education program director or appropriate faculty
  • Personal interview with the Director of Clinical Practice
  • Proof of having achieved passing scores on all state-required tests for certification/licensure.

A candidate who successfully completes all program requirements will be eligible for the initial teaching credential. Students must apply for certification through the College of Education. Test scores and official copies of all college/university transcripts must be included in the application to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.

Elementary Program
Middle Grades Program
Secondary Education
Learning and Behavior Disorders Program