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Golden Eagles Athletics
The objective of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to develop student-athlete’s leadership skills through competitive athletics. The athletic program at Spalding University prepares young men and women for a life of meaningful professional work and service. The athletic experience emphasizes learning, good sportsmanship, discipline, team work, leadership and mutual respect. While success on the court or field is important, intercollegiate athletics also prepare the student-athlete for success in life beyond college, which is the ultimate goal.

The athletic venue is a virtual classroom. In many ways, participation in a team sport is a practicum in cooperation, self-control, poise, commitment, respect for authority and selfless devotion to goals beyond individual success. Spalding seeks to establish and maintain an environment in which a student-athlete’s athletic activities are conducted as an integral part of his or her educational experience. Our athletic programs promote values, cultural diversity and gender equity among our student-athletes and our entire Spalding community. Through an array of competitive opportunities for both men and women, Spalding develops student-athlete leaders through spirited competition. The Golden Eagles women's sports include basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, cross-country, bowling, track and field, and golf. The Golden Eagles men’s sports include basketball, soccer, baseball, cross-country, track and field, and golf.

For more information on participating in the Golden Eagles athletics program, please contact the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, (502) 873-4201, or visit

The Spalding University Center is home to the Spalding Athletic Department. The University Center houses all athletic offices for coaches and administrators, a student-lounge and study center, athletic training facilities, a fitness center which serves the Spalding community, locker rooms, meeting rooms and hospitality areas. It also features Derek Smith Gymnasium, which is home to our men’s and women’s basketball teams and our volleyball team. Our baseball team practices and competes at Derby City Field. Our softball team uses the fields at Jeffersontown High School as their home facility, and men’s and women’s soccer play at the Louisville Collegiate School Athletic Complex.

Spalding University is a full member of the NCAA Division-III. Member institutions of Division-III place the highest priority on the overall quality of the educational experience and on the students’ successful completion of their academic programs. Spalding is a member of the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (

Spalding University strictly adheres to NCAA Division-III guidelines. In order for new students to compete in intercollegiate athletics at Spalding University, an incoming freshman or transfer student must meet the necessary standards to be admitted into the university. Unlike NCAA Divisions I and II, it is not necessary to file with the NCAA Clearinghouse to gain initial eligibility.

Spalding student-athletes must remain in good academic standing to be eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics. The following minimum standards must be met in order for a student to meet eligibility requirements for athletic participation:

After 1 semester or 12 credit hours: Spalding GPA of 1.70 or above
After 2 semesters or 24 credit hours: Spalding GPA of 1.80 or above
After 3 semesters or 36 credit hours: Spalding GPA of 1.90 or above
After 4 semesters or 48 credit hours: Spalding GPA of 2.00 or above

After the fourth semester of attendance, a student-athlete must maintain a GPA of 2.00 or higher to remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Any student whose cumulative GPA drops below the above standards will be placed on probation. Students on probation are not eligible to compete in NCAA Division III athletics. In addition, students must earn a minimum of 24 credit hours per academic year to be eligible to compete the following year. They may earn up to 6 hours in the summer session to count toward that total. Any student who fails to pass 24 credit hours in an academic year will not be eligible to participate in athletics during the following academic year.

All student-athletes are required to attend the NCAA Compliance Meeting at the beginning of each school year and to fill out all of the necessary forms. Each student is required to have a physical examination by a physician prior to participation in a sport. Each student must submit proof of primary health insurance prior to being allowed to practice or play a sport. If a student has no health insurance, they can purchase a student policy through the University at a reasonable cost.

Spalding athletes are expected to adhere to all NCAA, University, and team rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including suspension and dismissal.

Any questions regarding NCAA rules and regulations may be directed to 

Boyer, Adam

Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance/Men's Soccer Coach - Athletics

(502) 873-4203

University Center Building - G102