Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Program Overview

The Creative Writing degree emphasizes the study of writing and literature, in addition to studies across disciplines such as art, history, religious studies, and anthropology. Students have extensive opportunities for reading, writing, evaluating, and producing a variety of written texts reflecting their studies in literary history and across disciplines, as well as their creative writing practice. The faculty of the writing degree program are committed to the interconnectedness of disciplinary areas and methods and the development of research skills. They provide mentoring and direction to students interested in a liberal education that focuses on the development of skill in many genres of writing.

A BFA degree in Creative Writing develops an advanced level of competence in the use of language and the exercise of the creative intellect, providing a basis for a variety of career options and professional choices. Each member of the English faculty serves as an advisor to help students successfully complete their degree program and to accomplish their career goals.

Students may declare the Creative Writing major at any time. Formal admission to the major occurs after students complete 32 hours of college level course work.

The BFA in Creative Writing requires students to complete 120 credit hours, including 52 hours of University Studies courses and then, to serve their major, 48 additional hours, including: 21 hours in writing; 21 hours in literature and linguistics, 6 hours in the Senior Seminar and Internship, and 20 hours in a minor or free electives.

One half of the 48 credit hours must be upper division courses. In addition, students must take one-half of the credit hours required for the major at Spalding University.

Creative Writing Minor
Students complete six classes (18 hours) in the BFA program. Four of the courses are in writing, and two are in literature. Students are permitted to choose their fourth writing workshop and the genre they prefer for the 200-level literature course. These courses do not count as University Studies but are above and beyond the courses needed to fulfill general education requirements in the major program.

In the senior year, students enroll in CW 450, the Senior Seminar, for which they will complete a final project reviewed by all faculty in the School of Liberal Studies.

In addition, students must present a portion of their work either at an all-school event or at a public reading, in the community.

Course Descriptions
One course in the program carries the Humanities designation (HUM); two courses carry the CW designation. All other courses specific to the BFA degree come from English studies.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Concentration in Film Studies
The School of Liberal Studies also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing: Concentration in Film Studies. All University Studies requirements must be met with a total of 120 semester hours required for graduation. For the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing major, 48 semester hours are required. At least one-half of the semester hours applied to the major must be upper division courses. An additional fifteen total credit hours of courses associated with the Film Studies concentration are needed to complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Concentration in Film Studies.

Program Sheet
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Film Studies Concentration