Admission Status

Subject to all applicable university policies, a student who meets automatic admission criteria is unconditionally accepted to the University. The Undergraduate Admissions Committee will consider a student who does not meet one or more of the automatic admission criteria once the student submits a personal statement at the request of the Committee. The Committee can exercise any of the following admission options:

Unconditional Acceptance - Granted to a student whose application file is complete. A student can be admitted unconditionally pending submission of completed official documents.

Conditional Acceptance - Granted to a student who is asked to meet certain requirements during the first session of attendance. Conditional status allows the Undergraduate Admission Committee to admit a student on a probationary status for up to one full term, by requiring a certain GPA to be maintained, and to limit the number of credit hours in which a student enrolls.

Tabled Application - The Undergraduate Admissions Committee may table an application for admission in order to request additional documentation (such as a writing sample, letters of recommendation, or current transcripts) be provided.

Denial - The Undergraduate Admissions Committee can choose to deny an application for admission.

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