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Special Graduate Student Status

There are three types of special students: non-degree students, visiting students, and workshop students.

Non-Degree Students
A student who has a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education may be admitted to this category when 1) the student is unable to complete full admission requirements prior to the beginning of courses in which the student wishes to enroll, or 2) there is uncertainty about program appropriateness by either the student or a program representative. Non-degree status must be approved by the program in which the student would take graduate courses. Non-degree students complete the application for admission as directed by the graduate program of interest.

Non-degree students may take a maximum of 6 hours and are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students admitted to non-degree status are not assured of admission to a degree program.

In the event the student later seeks admission to a graduate degree program, the student must submit a letter requesting admission to the appropriate program and complete all admission requirements. Non-degree status courses taken at Spalding University will be counted toward degree requirements upon admission to the program.

Visiting Students
Students who are pursuing a graduate program at another institution and wish to take courses at Spalding University are visiting students. They must submit a letter from the registrar of the home institution indicating that the student is in good standing and has approval to take the specified course(s) for transfer. Visiting students need not submit transcripts or any other credentials and are not reviewed by the Graduate Committee. They are liable for all fees and tuition costs.

Workshop Students
Workshop students are students who have not been officially admitted to graduate study but may take certain designated workshops for graduate credit. They must submit a workshop application, submit an official transcript of their highest degree, and pay all applicable fees. Application for a workshop is not to be considered application for admission to a graduate program. These students are not reviewed by the Graduate Committee.

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