Tuition Refund Policy

After registering for a class, a student has the option of dropping that class within the assigned add/drop period. If a student drops a class within the add/drop period, the class will be removed from the student's transcript and all tuition will be refunded.

A student may also withdraw from a class after the add/drop period, and prior to the final withdrawal deadline, and receive a partial refund of tuition. If a student withdraws, the class remains on the transcript with a grade of W. The amount of refund a student will receive is dependent on the date the student withdraws.

All tuition refunds are based on the percentage of the course completed before the student drops or withdraws. This percentage is based on the number of contact hours in the course and the specific times, dates, and durations of the class meetings. For information on the specific drop or withdrawal dates for a class, please refer to the individual class syllabus.

For graduate classes, the following table includes the percentages of course completed and the percentage of tuition refunded if a drop or withdrawal is made at that percentage:

Percentage of Course CompletedPercentage of Tuition Refunded
Less than 13% (add/drop period)100%
51% or moreNone

For FLEX Program courses (except FLEX online courses), more than 13% of the course is completed during the first class meeting. Therefore, FLEX Program students may only drop with a 100% refund 24 hours prior to the first class meeting.

For undergraduate classes and FLEX online classes, students can drop up through Friday of the first week of class. After that, students can withdraw. Refunds for withdrawals are based on the percentage of the course completed before the student withdraws. Students can withdraw up through the Friday of the 4th week of class.

The student must understand that in cases where deferred payment is established, the refund policies apply to the entire obligation, not only the amount paid as of a specific date. In such cases the student will be billed the difference between the amount paid to the date of withdrawal and the amount determined to be owed by applying the refund policies. If the student who is withdrawing is a financial aid recipient, some or all of the refund may be owed to the various financial aid programs. For this reason, students receiving financial aid should consult with a financial aid representative prior to withdrawing.

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