Add/Drop Policy

An undergraduate day student may add a class during the first two days of the term or drop a class during the first week of the term by completing an add/drop online through Web Advisor. The add/drop date is defined as the date on which the request was submitted.

For graduate classes, students should contact the course syllabus to find out the drop, add, and withdrawal dates for that particular course.  Students may also contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain this information.

Students taking FLEX Program classes are only able to drop or add a class before the class starts. (NOTE: For FLEX online classes, the undergraduate day add/drop policy can be followed.) A Drop Memo will no longer be generated for registered FLEX students who fail to attend the first class meeting. Automatic drops will not occur. A student may drop a FLEX class on his/her own up to 24 hours prior to the first class meeting. The day of the first class meeting or later, the student's only option is to withdraw from the course.

A student who does not follow Spalding's drop policy will be charged for all classes for which he or she registered, regardless of attendance in class. If an instructor has a student on a class roster who has never attended class, the instructor will note this on the final grade sheet and assign the student a grade of F.

If receiving any type of financial assistance, a student who withdraws from all classes or reduces his or her class load is expected to report these facts to the Office of Financial Aid.

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