Leading Innovative and Creative Change Across the Organization and Within the Community | Spalding University Catalog

EDD-904: Leading Innovative and Creative Change Across the Organization and Within the Community

6 credit hours

This course examines effective, ethical, creative, and transformative ways of implementing organizational and community change. The student learns how a leader can drive and shape an organization to embrace, foster, and promote individual and collective innovation. Further, the student explores skills and strategies to systematize operations and confirm digital access and appropriate infrastructure for an organization to thrive in a global marketplace. In addition, through written and other forms of assessment, the student demonstrates accountability in the mindful use and application of transformative processes, just as the student learns strategic planning, the importance of teambuilding, and the significance of creating partnerships. Students also analyze a case study to identify and articulate the underlying leadership problem(s).


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and articulate how to strategically, effectively, and ethically respond to a need for change.
  • Identify the elements and appropriate uses of strategic planning.
  • Devise and articulate strategies for building teams and creating partnerships.
  • Create an interdisciplinary blueprint of principles, a professional development library, strategies, and approaches, as well as resources, to increase innovation and creativity within an organization, as well as to incorporate innovation and creativity into existing or proposed initiatives using an appropriate level of risk.
  • Demonstrate delegation and accountability skills when requiring innovation and creativity.
  • Establish standards for evaluating innovation and creativity.