Ethical Leadership | Spalding University Catalog

EDD-905: Ethical Leadership

6 credit hours

This course promotes a global understanding of the philosophical and civic traditions of leadership as the ethical construct of diverse practices in myriad organizations, institutions, and societies. The student gains greater awareness of the cultural contradictions that influence contemporary organizations, especially in U.S. society, and learns to identify Western views of morality, as well as ethical business practices, in a competitive and diverse world marketplace. This course also focuses on ethical, mindful, and legal decision making based on compliance, regulations and customs in a global marketplace, and the student demonstrates his or her learning via written assessments, oral presentations and other appropriate means. This course moves away from the traditional construct of leadership as the manifestation of a single role and instead explores the more substantive concept of leaders’ relationships to internal and external constituents, as well as to cultural mores and constraints. In this course students also enroll in and complete the free, 3-hour National Institute of Health (NIH) research ethics online course by accessing the link and take a quiz related to each module of the course. Students must pass the quiz to pass EDD 905E.

Upon Completion of This Course, Students Will Be Able to:
• Recognize, comprehend, and apply current ethical leadership practices and behaviors in various types of organizations.
• Identify leadership models and demonstrate knowledge and acquisition of the skills to create a dynamic and inspirational culture in the workplace.
• Articulate the potentially huge benefits of these leadership models in the workplace.
• Overcome the barriers to employing these models.
• Analyze leadership issues and situations to identify and articulate ethical and legal solutions.
• Differentiate organizational policies/regulations using the frameworks of justice, compassion, community and the law.
• Pass the National Institute of Health Research Ethics online course.