EDD-906: Creating Cultural Awareness and Appreciating Cultural Differences in Diverse, Global Organizations and in Intercultural Communication

6 credit hours

Leaders in diverse, global organizations must develop an increasingly sophisticated awareness and understanding of cultural differences, just as leaders must advance their own and others’ communication abilities to appreciate and negotiate intercultural variances among organizational constituents and in international exchanges. This course focuses on identifying and transcending the complexities inherent in conducting intercultural communication between diverse individuals, institutions, and nations. Students also analyze a case study in which they identify and articulate the underlying leadership problem(s).


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of intercultural similarities and differences between individuals, institutions, and nations and identify best practices for negotiating and transcending communication barriers that can result from diverse perspectives and practices.
  • Articulate and argue critical organizational, educational, business, and political issues and situations from multiple perspectives and provide logical reasons and evidence to support each claim.
  • Create a detailed plan to educate organizational constituents to be effective, ethical intercultural and cross-cultural communicators and negotiators.