Research Methodology and Problem Solving | Spalding University Catalog

EDD-908: Research Methodology and Problem Solving

6 credit hours

The purpose of this course is to educate doctoral-level students in the use of the scientific approach in research and to ensure informed decision making grounded in empirical research. By critiquing research studies, students develop the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes that characterize the disciplined researcher who conducts and applies qualitative, quantitative, and/or mixed-method studies. This course challenges students to think systematically-yet-creatively about inquiry and about how inquiry aligns with an organization’s foundational design and performance-improvement principles. Research Methodology and Problem Solving also promotes inquiry that informs ways in which leaders conceive, develop, implement, and evaluate interventions (programs, products, systems, and aids) to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Upon Completion of This Course, Students Will Be Able to:
• Articulate an overview of the research process.
• Further explore qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods and think critically and creatively about which research methods are best suited to investigate specific research questions and why they are best suited to do so.
• Write and submit research proposal for Capstone Committee approval.
• Secure preliminary approval from partnering organization to conduct research or to work with that organization’s previously collected data.
• Write and submit to Spalding University’s Research Ethics Committee (REC) an application to conduct research.