Occupational Therapy Theory in Practice, Education and Research | Spalding University Catalog

OT-920Z: Occupational Therapy Theory in Practice, Education and Research

6 credit hours

This course presents theoretical constructs of occupation, occupational therapy and occupational science with relevance of how they form the basis for occupation-based evaluation, planning, intervention, and outcome measurement. Students will examine how theories and models describe or explain phenomenon at different levels and relate to varied types of scientific evidence and inquiry. Learning outcomes that require one to support or refute propositions reflected in practice models and theories will occur. The course is designed to enhance students’ capacity to think critically about the ways theories and models are used to guide professional practice, educational models and for advancing professional inquiry. A major goal of this class is for the student to compare and contrast current theoretical models of practice and frames of references including their use for specific populations and practice settings. This course is offered exclusively online.