Occupational Therapy Practice: Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues | Spalding University Catalog

OT-940Z: Occupational Therapy Practice: Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues

6 credit hours

This course is designed to advance occupational therapists’ knowledge regarding the important role(s) law, ethics, regulation and policy play in determining occupational therapy practice. Students will identify the influence of economics, population demographics, sociopolitical issues and technological advances on current practice. Development of enhanced skills to analyze political, legislative, legal, and ethical aspects of practice and broader public health issues will occur. Practice issues discussed include: reimbursement sources and billing regulations/procedures, workers’ compensation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, IDEA, privacy & confidentiality, guardianship, malpractice issues, regulatory reform and advanced directives, among others. Upon completion of the course, students will possess skills for providing leadership for policy negotiations in health care institutions, communities, professional associations and regulatory review boards. This course is offered exclusively online.