ENG-615: Independent Study: Emphasizing Modes of Professional Writing

12 credit hours

After successfully participating in residency, students begin ENG-615 Independent Study I: Emphasizing Modes of Professional Writing. The student and assigned mentor create an Independent Study Plan that includes assignments that familiarize the student with different modes of professional writing and also include assignments that reflect the student’s career goals. These writing assignments may include promotional materials, corporate communications, writing for nonprofits, developing speeches, conducting interviews, writing profiles, and writing scripts for promotional films or podcasting. Other assignments may be included with the mentor’s permission. During the independent study, students submit five packets to their mentors, at scheduled intervals, containing a cover letter, a specified amount of material that includes new and revised work, and short critical essays. The mentor replies to each student’s packet on an individual basis. Students submit midsession and end-of-independent-study evaluations and a cumulative bibliography of books and scripts read.

Prerequisite courses: ENG-514/ENG-614 and permission of Program Director or Associate Program Director