Design Thinking & Problem Solving: Innovative Thinking | Spalding University Catalog

ART-105: Design Thinking & Problem Solving: Innovative Thinking

3 credit hours

Do you have a desire to be part of creating change in your community or to learn how to be more creative when solving-problems? You understand “What “needs to be done and “Why” it needs to be done but have no idea” How” to initiate real meaningful CHANGE or to push your solutions beyond the obvious. Design Thinking is a problem-solving class that helps you in the understanding of the creative process and its connection to solving some of the most complex problems we can face today. This course is an interactive fun approach used to boost creativity and build confidence that leads to a meaningful path forward in problem solving and idea development. This course supports the idea that creativity is a developed skill and that everyone has the potential to foster creative thinking. Art 105 is both offered fully online and as a hybrid course where face to face in-class time is used as a series of hands on workshops that will help you improve your creative process and idea development. In your final project you will not only uncover opportunities for change in your community, you will design solutions and pitch those ideas in presentation form for the purpose of generating interest in your idea and in written form to pitch the idea to those who have the power to implement your ideas. This course can be used to satisfy University Studies requirements.