Drawing I | Spalding University Catalog

ART-135: Drawing I

3 credit hours

Starting with a simple line, students will begin to understand how basic observational drawing techniques and concepts lead to a deeper connection to the world around us. Students will study drawing as a medium that reflects the time in which it was created as well as more recent developments. In addition to classroom and video demonstrations, drawing skills and the understanding of the power of drawing as a medium will be developed through the study of images created by a variety of established and emerging artists. While drawing from life, this class explores the use of line, value, space, and composition using multiple mediums such as graphite and charcoal. Students will apply learned skills and techniques to creating drawings of simple objects, interior spaces, landscapes, and portraits. A sketchbook and a portfolio will document drawing achievements throughout the class. These projects foster creative problem solving and individual expression. This course can be used to satisfy University Studies requirements.