Painting I | Spalding University Catalog

ART-140: Painting I

3 credit hours

Painting I is an introduction to using the medium of oil paint and understanding the visual language and rich art historical tradition of oil painting. Students will learn how to mix the colors they need and begin to feel comfortable using brushes and oil paint. Beginning with small paintings of simple still life setups, students will learn to create structure, space, light, and expression in their paintings. As students gain confidence, the projects will progress to exploring self-portraits and landscape. Students will recognize and develop their own personal vision and sensibility. The emphasis will be as much on learning how to use the materials, and the creative process of making a painting as it will be on the final product. Be prepared to challenge yourself and have fun. There will be a field trip to a museum. It would be helpful but not necessary to take Drawing I before this class. This course can be used to satisfy University Studies requirements.