Professional Identity & Internship | Spalding University Catalog

ART-360: Professional Identity & Internship

3 credit hours

The Internship course provides students with the hands-on experience and valuable exposure to a professional art-related field of their choice, and teaches students the professional skills to support their continued artistic practice after graduation. Students will articulate professional goals they wish to achieve through the internship, identify an organization or field that will help them reach these goals, and will complete 50 hours of on-site activity. In addition to keeping a log of their working hours, students will keep a journal of their progress towards their goals, and will produce a final written reflection paper. Site supervisors will provide evaluations and reviews throughout the internship that will help inform this final paper. The first three weeks of class are organized as seminars that will address a variety of professional practices relevant to professional artists and will provide support for students as they clarify goals and apply for internship opportunities. Weekly communication with the course instructor outside of the classroom setting is expected.

Prerequisite: Junior standing, Permission by Program Director