DNP Capstone 1 | Spalding University Catalog

NURS-826: DNP Capstone 1

3 credit hours

This course contains an on sight/ virtual three-day immersion residency experience providing the foundation for the capstone project.  The student will further explore the previously determined topic of interest and decide on a method of scholarly inquiry:  EBP or SQUIRE reporting for QI activities. The student will conduct and synthesize the literature review and either develop the PICOT question or describe the problem and purpose of the project (SQUIRE 2.0).  The student will select a theoretical framework for the project; identify the project sample and sampling methodology, and begin writing the final capstone paper.  EBP Projects will follow the provided EBP template and Quality Improvement Projects will follow the SQUIRE 2.0 format.  A Capstone Chairperson is assigned to the student and project during this session.  All sections up to methodology in the scholarly paper must be completed and signed off to pass the course.