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Book Vouchers

Spalding University students whose Title IV federal financial aid awards (excluding work-study) are greater than the semester charges (fall semester = S1, S2, S3; spring semester = S4, S5, S6) for tuition, fees, room and board may request to be allowed to charge required books and materials to their student account using a book voucher.

Students wishing to use this option must obtain the price list for each book that is to be purchased and complete the online book voucher request form (available on the student portal). Financial Aid staff must approve all book vouchers and the approval process could take up to 48 hours after which the funds will be loaded to the student ID card to be used in the Spalding bookstore. These requests may be made until refunds are issued to students.

**Please note that accounts with institutional awards will only be eligible for book vouchers if the account includes loans because institutional awards are applied after all other grant and gift aid and will only pay up to the cost of tuition, room and a meal plan.