Advanced Practice Essentials | Spalding University Catalog

NURS-601: Advanced Practice Essentials

3 credit hours

This direct core course provides an advanced approach to physical health assessment, physiology and pathophysiology, and pharmacology. Nurses will explore assessment of a patient’s physical condition and incorporate information from many different sources including physical examinations, medical records, laboratory reports, and verbal interviews. Students will integrate physiology and pathophysiology with rationale toward a diagnosis, and make recommendations for better health, pharmacology, and disease prevention in pediatric and adult populations. Real-world applications in nursing with an emphasis on system physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacological principles will be applied. This course combines the principles of Advanced Health Assessment (physical and mental), Advanced Pathophysiology, and Advanced Pharmacology*.

*This course cannot be used to replace the Advanced Health Assessment, Advanced Pharmacology, or Advanced Pathophysiology course requirements for MSN students seeking an advanced practice role (APRN) or those who may eventually seek a post-master’s FNP (AACN).