Innovation lab: safety, tools & skill development | Spalding University Catalog

ART-120: Innovation lab: safety, tools & skill development

1 credit hour

Did you ever want to challenge yourself to learn something new that had low risk and high gain? The Innovation lab: safety, tools & skill development course will offer a proficiency in tools and equipment used in the areas of woodworking, metalworking, clay & plaster mold making, mixed media construction, fabric mache, sewing, leather work, laser cutting and FDM 3d Printing. You may choose between three of the above areas of interest to complete this one credit hybrid course. Instruction will include both online, testing and hands on application in the MakerSpace. These workshop opportunities will be generously offered throughout the 18-week period that may be completed as group opportunities during scheduled work-shops or as individual sessions scheduled during open shop hours in the MakerSpace. All sessions will be coordinated with your instructor at the beginning of the fall or spring terms.

Course content needs to be completed during the 18-week fall or spring terms.