Introduction to Psychotherapy Practicum | Spalding University Catalog

PSY-656: Introduction to Psychotherapy Practicum

3 credit hours

In conjunction with PSY 655 and as a precursor to practicum placement in the community, the course will explore professional identity and deportment, an understanding of self and others as shaped by diversity and context, an awareness of ethical and legal guidelines and application to clinical practice, reflective practice and self-assessment, interpersonal skills, expressive (written, verbal, nonverbal) skills, affect regulation skills, and an understanding of the importance of science and research as foundations of clinical practice. This course will focus on integrating assessment data to begin theoretical conceptualization, monitoring client treatment outcomes, as well as enhancing competencies related to therapeutic intervention, such as basic intervention skills (i.e., creating a safe therapeutic space, attending to therapeutic process, etc.), treatment planning, risk assessment and crisis management, and clinical documentation. Direct application of knowledge and skills in this first therapy practicum will occur in our Center for Behavioral Health.